Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I am reading?

Knot and Crosses by Ian Rankin
As I live in Majorca/Mallorca I sometimes have difficulty buying books but have become used to buying second hand books in markets etc., so imagine my delight to find Ian Rankin´s first John Rebus novel, which I have just started. I have read several of these books which I enjoyed a lot.
English people and many people from other European countries have been visiting Mallorca for years but mainly stick to tourist resorts not visiting neighbouring towns and villages and trying local cooking, which is a shame, as it is very good although not much known in England, which I know best, where they seem to have restaurants from all over the world but very few from Spain.
I would be intersted to hear from anybody interested in books, local food and customs, of which I have become an expert.


  1. Hello, when you fisnish the book, I will read it! plese hurry up!! wellcome !

  2. Hello Mumy! What a nice beginning.Kisses.